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The Niello Porsche Team

Our Porsche Team

Let us introduce you to our staff, show you some of our special vehicle offers and take you through our complete line of new, Certified pre-owned and used inventory. We can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

We know your time is valuable. We are sure you will find our site a fast and convenient way to research and find a vehicle that's right for you. If we can be of any assistance while visiting us online, send us an email and we will promptly reply.We look forward to serving you!


Rick  Niello

Rick Niello | Dealer Principal

Since 1972, Rick has been in business in Sacramento developing The Niello Company. In 1998, he took the helm of The Niello Company as President.  Niello employees stand united with a single vision – to be Northern California’s leading automobile dealer for the products we represent.  Rick’s belief is that passion and commitment are nothing without the right people, and this shows in the recent Automotive News award given to Niello Porsche as the 3rd Best Dealership To Work For in the U.S. and Canada.

Phone: 916.643.7300 • Email:

Sara Peterson

Sara Peterson | General Sales Manager

Phone: 916.625.8300 • Email:

Jerry  Christine

Jerry Christine | Sales Manager

Jerry joined the Niello Porsche team in 2012, and has over 15 years experience with Porsche, working previously in the bay area.  He was born and raised in Los Altos, CA, and when not working he spends time with his 2 sons, and enjoys fishing, playing music, golfing and skiing.

Phone: 916.625.8300 • Email:

Rick  Brown

Rick Brown | Finance Manager

Rick grew up in Orangevale and graduated from Casa Roble high school in 1988. He lived in Seattle from 1991 to 2000, when he returned to Northern California. Rick’s hobbies include fishing, building hot rods, camping, hiking and working in his back yard. Rick was a bank manager prior to working at The Niello Company, and is currently Finance Manager at Niello Porsche. He loves working with the various lending institutions at our disposal, to assist our customers with their lending and leasing needs.


Rick loves working for The Niello Company and plans on retiring here :)

Phone: 916.625.8300 • Email:

Nancy  Coburn

Nancy Coburn | Dealer Customer Experience Manager

Nancy joined the Niello Porsche team in January 1998, and had previously worked for Dave Niello at Niello Infiniti as a Finance Manager.  Nancy has worked in the car business for more than 30 years.  When she’s not at work, Nancy loves to shop, garden, shop, play with her dogs, (did she mention shop?), help friends, and of course stop by work on her days off, always checking up on things. Born and raised in San Jose, Nancy has always lived in Northern California. 
The thing Nancy likes best about her job are the clients, they are so wonderful and giving, sometimes even bringing in nice gifts after their purchase.  The other great thing about her job is everyone she gets to work with; they are a true team/family.

Phone: 916.625.8300 • Email:

Maria Contreras

Maria Contreras | Business Development Manager

Phone: 916.625.8300 • Email:

Candy   Beck

Candy Beck | Internet Sales

Candy's long-time love affair with cars prompted her to start her automotive career in 1999, after years in Retail Management and Customer Service.  She began with BMW, and stayed with the BMW brand when she joined The Niello Company in 2003 as part of the Internet Sales team at Niello BMW.  In 2007, Candy moved to Niello Porsche where she is continuing her focus on offering the best customer service possible to her Internet Sales clients.  Following her passion for cars, Candy is also a Certified Brand Ambassador for Porsche.


On her time off, Candy enjoys taking her dogs for long walks, dining out with friends, and taking short trips to the beach (Laguna Beach is her favorite).

Phone: 916.625.8300 • Email:

Rob  Davis

Rob Davis | Sales

Rob has been with The Niello Company for more than 10 years. He worked at our Audi & Maserati dealerships and now is at Niello Porsche doing both sales & finance. Rob really enjoys working at Porsche and for the Niello family. Rob prides himself on being a true professional in this business and if you want or know anyone who could use his help with their next purchase he would welcome the chance to help them. He always appreciates the chance to help someone get into their dream car.

Phone: 916.625.8300 • Email:

Garrett  Fees

Garrett Fees | Sales

Garrett Fees joined Niello Porsche in September 2013, after eight years of working for Harley Davidson as a top sales person. In November, Garrett became a certified Porsche Brand Ambassador and has acquired an exceptional understanding of Porsche and its exclusive features. Since his youth Garrett has been a Porsche enthusiast. As a young boy, cruising with his father in their Porsche, he always knew the Porsche Brand held the key to his heart.

At home Garrett is an outstanding husband and father. His wife Jillian and sons Evan and Vaughn are so proud of his dedication and pronounced accomplishments as a Porsche Brand Ambassador. Garrett loves spending time with his family and friends; he enjoys biking, camping, golfing, and hiking.

Phone: 916.625.8300 • Email:

Garrett Gonsalves

Garrett Gonsalves | Sales

Phone: 916.625.8300 • Email:

Steven  Iascone

Steven Iascone | Sales

Phone: 916.625.8300 • Email:

Ben Kayhan

Ben Kayhan | Sales

Phone: 916.625.8300 • Email:

Don Kosler

Don Kosler | Sales

Don has worked at Niello Porsche since 2017.  He was born in the Central Valley, and as part of a military family growing up, he spent time in Germany, France, New Mexico, Washington and more.  In his free time, Don spends as much time as possible with his wife and teenage daughter.  He also enjoys competing in CrossFit and surfing.  The best part of working at Niello Porsche?  Don likes meeting new clients and new friend everyday he comes to work.

Phone: 916.625.8300 • Email:

Lee  Perkins

Lee Perkins | Sales


Lee enthusiastically joined Niello Porsche in early 2015 after The Niello Company acquired the Volvo franchise where he was previously employed. Lee loves to be part of the Porsche family and believes Porsche represents truth in excellence, something you recognize the minute you get behind the wheel. The handling, the performance, the comfort, the safety - all components that make Porsche special. Porsche is known to be a dream car, to which Lee says "Dreams are meant to come true. I'm always ready to go for a ride in a Porsche....just let me know when you are ready."


When not at work, he likes to spend time with his lovely wife Shannon, or go boating with family & friends. As a former radio personality with V101.1 in Sacramento & 98.1 KISS fm in S.F., Lee still manages to produce radio commercials, produce jazz shows for local restaurants, and emcee events for non-profit community organizations. In 2005, Lee and his radio co-host were recipients of the Celebrity of the Year award, raising funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. He continues to mentor at the Roberts Family Development Center.


Phone: 916.625.8300 • Email:

Gui  Sabate

Gui Sabate | Parts Manager

In September of 1992, Gui started his career as a porter with The Niello Company at Carmichael Acura. 2 years later Gui, along with our Acura store, moved to the Madison Avenue location where eventually Acura would join forces with our Porsche franchise. By this time Gui had worked his way up to a parts counterman position. In 2005, Porsche would move into our new and current location on Granite Drive in Rocklin. In 2012, Gui took on the role of Parts Manager and has not looked back since.


Gui enjoys spending time with his wife Kristin, daughter Sophia and his son Max. Gui’s favorite activities, in no particular order, would be golfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, catching one of his favorite bands in concert or just spending time with his family and friends.

Phone: 916.625.8300 • Email:

Eric  Hill

Eric Hill | Parts Department

In late 1988 Eric started at Niello Porsche / Audi / Sterling on Madison Avenue, and worked his way up from shipping and receiving to parts counter. Then in 1993 Eric left The Niello Company to pursue other opportunities. Eric returned to The Niello Company in March 2001 at the Volkswagen / Audi store on Arden Way. In 2005, when the new Porsche store in Rocklin was nearing completion, Eric was asked to join the Porsche team once again.


Eric enjoys motorcycle riding and racing, mountain biking and recently started horseback riding.

Phone: 916.625.8300 • Email:

Chris  Kidd

Chris Kidd | Parts Shipping and Recieving Specialist

In September 2010, Chris started with The Niello Company with a job in detail at Niello Volkswagen. In 2012, Chris was offered an opportunity to move to the Porsche store to work for the Parts department and has been enjoying it ever since! Chris enjoys going out and doing a variety of things: riding his sportbike in the dry months, sliding down the mountain on his snowboard in the winter, and most of all he enjoys the adventure he’s experienced as a bachelor producing music and working for The Niello Company.

Phone: 916.625.8300 • Email:

Connor Stephens

Connor Stephens | Parts Driver

Matt Wetteland

Matt Wetteland | Service Manager

Phone: 916.625.8300 • Email:

Dave  Welling

Dave Welling | Service Consultant

Dave has been in the automotive business the last 35 years, with the last 10+ years at Niello Porsche. He was born and raised in California, and completed education in Carmichael ,CA. Dave is married and enjoys family time with his wife, two boys, and one grandson.

As a child, Dave's dream car was (and is still) a Porsche. In following his dream, he feels fortunate enough to have them as a daily part of his job. Dave's outside interests include family time, all forms of auto racing, and golf.

Phone: 916.625.8300 • Email:

Mike  Van Allen

Mike Van Allen | Service Consultant

Phone: 916.625.8300 • Email:

Jose Dominguez

Jose Dominguez | Service Consultant Assistant

Jose started his career with Porsche and entered the automotive industry in 2015 with the Parts department. He was with the Parts department for the next two years before leaving to pursue a new career opportunity. After trying something new, Jose found his way back to Porsche a few months later to be back with his friends and family with the company. When he is not at work, he likes working out, playing video games, and hanging out with his wife and cats. His favorite aspect of his job is being able to make people happy. 

Phone: 916.625.8300 • Email:

Steven Stettler

Steven Stettler | Loaner Car Coordinator

Phone: 916.625.8300

Ryan Griffin | Loaner Car Coordinator

Phone: 916.625.8300

Jessica Ortiz

Jessica Ortiz | Warranty Administrator


Dustin  Aydt

Dustin Aydt | Shop Foreman

Phone: 916.625.8300 • Email:

Zach Bretzing | Factory Certified Service Technician

Phone: 916.625.8300

Ryan  Gordon

Ryan Gordon | Factory Certified Service Technician

Phone: 916.625.8300

Johnathon  Heathcock

Johnathon Heathcock | Factory Certified Service Technician

Phone: 916.625.8300

Bryce  McGrew

Bryce McGrew | Factory Certified Service Technician

Phone: 916.625.8300

John  Mitchell

John Mitchell | Factory Certified Service Technician

Phone: 916.625.8300

Jeff  Witmer

Jeff Witmer | Factory Certified Service Technician

Phone: 916.625.8300

Rigoberto Torres | Factory Certified Service Technician

Phone: 916.625.8300

Noel Paterno

Noel Paterno | Detail Supervisor

Phone: 916.625.8300

Henry Moreno | Support Staff

Scott Stettler

Scott Stettler | Support Staff

Phone: 916.625.8300

Brian Terrazas

Brian Terrazas | Support Staff

Phone: 916.625.8300

Reuben Myburgh | Sales Support Staff

Phone: 916.625.8300

Lorraine  Thornton

Lorraine Thornton | Office Manager

Lorraine has been with Niello Porsche and The Niello Company since 2004, and has 30+ years experience in the automotive industry.  Originally from Southern California, she now calls Northern California home.  Family time is important to Lorraine and when she is not at work you will probably find her with her family.  Lorraine counts her dad as her closest friend, though she makes friends easily at work.  That is what she likes best about working at Niello Porsche - it doesn't feel like work when your co-workers are fun and make the workday easier.  Everyone is a valuable part of the team.

Phone: 916.625.8300 • Email:

Laura  Moore

Laura Moore | Office

Phone: 916.625.8300

Joyce O'Connor

Joyce O'Connor | Office

Phone: 916.625.8300

Jennifer Roadenizer

Jennifer Roadenizer | Office


Phone: 916.625.8300

Haley Sprowl | Cashier / Receptionist

Phone: 916.625.8300

Marivel Escoto | Cashier / Receptionist

Phone: 916.625.8300